Activism, Oppression + Somatics

A huge reason I LOVE my work is because it offers unto the world pragmatic tools for dealing with systemic oppressions and enhancing on-going inter-connection.

No matter ones background, we are all exposed to societal norms/social structures. Each of us has a unique body-experience. Societal norms and structures relate to all of our bodies differently. In some way or another, most people experience being oppressed – or, being squished, suppressed, in bodymind or spirit – by the way social systems relate to them/their body-experience.

Somatic work helps illuminate our sensations, and thereby creates more possibility for change. It can help us heal and grow. The techniques are free. Practicing is always available. Our feeling of agency is expanded – which can result in concrete changes in the quality of our life.

As we learn to feel into the experience of our life, we learn to FEEL the literal inter-connection that we have with others. This increases our ability to deeply listen to another. The act of deeply listening – to the entire organism of the human next to you – is a tremendous ACT of CARE. It is one of the most basic and profound things we can offer each other. Everyday. Everywhere.

To reach the ability to listen to another we must PRACTICE. It is not something regularly taught in most societies. To begin to listen to oneself is only one part of the puzzle. If you are stopping at your own skin, keep listening. Listen into the air between us. We are connected to each other and to all of nature.


ecb @ 2018