Somatic Education – Certificate Series

These are somatic education courses, held online, in studio, + in the wild. They are experiential education courses combined with science education.

I am spending this winter developing videos and certificate courses. If all goes well, you should be able to dive into this learning by Spring/Summer 2020!

If YOU have topics that you want to learn about, drop me a line!

Below are the topics I am working on. Contact me to get up-to-date info.

* Bodymind Basics – Somatics/Embodiement/Mindfulness 101. This is designed for any and all interested. You will gain a basic understanding of science related to mindfulness/somatics, and how these practice changes your physiology. You will learn an overview history of mindful practices from a global perspective. You will leave with a “medicine cabinet” full of practices, and the knowledge for understanding when to use which practice. You will leave with a plan, able to continue integrating your learning into a regular practice, tailored to your life.

* Bodymind Basics, in the WILD! – This course is the same as above. In the WILD! version your learning will be supported by working in nature, camping! The first pilot course will be offered in the territory of the Bitteroot Salish, Upper Pend d’Oreille, and the Kootenai people (Flathead National Park, western Montana, USA) – Summer 2020. This class does not have a prerequisite but it does assume that you feel fairly comfortable

*  Somatics – Evidence! – This class is for all, and especially designed for somatic/meditation/mindful movement or other practitioners who would like to bulk up on the science information they bring to their students. We will look at science studies related to how bodies (including brains!) change from practice – We will look at neuroplasticity and beyond. You will learn how to discern if a science study is worth reporting or if it is closer to click bait. We talk about what’s often right and what’s often wrong about how Triune Brain Model and the vagus nerve are talked about in many somatic circles. We will do a lot of practice FEELING the effects of various practices. You will leave with a greater ability to articulate nuanced layers of your subjective experience. You will gain an understanding of the interplay between nature and nurture from a biological perspective. You will leave with a detailed and clear understanding of science information about how your body changes with mindful/somatic practice. This class does not have a prerequisite but it does assume that you feel familiar with bodymind/mindful practice.

* Embodiement, Trauma, Adverse Experiences + System Regulation For Self Learning and Healing. You will be introduced to a variety of mindful + movement tools-games-exercises which foster healing. You will leave understanding how to continue to work with the tools that most fit where you are in your journey. You will leave with a greater understanding of science research related to body memory, generational memory (epigenetics), and physical-mental-emotional change through bodymind practice.

* The Embodiement of Trauma – Informed! – This course is structured for teachers, talk therapists, massage therapists, somatic sexuality practitioners, and all. You will learn about current science studies related to trauma resolution. You will leave ready to teach a toolbox-full of grounding (regulating) practices. You will became skilled in recognizing what a trauma response looks like, and you will leave being able to recognize nuanced differences between a wide variety of response states. These skills will help you in daily life scenarios, as well as preparing you for work in environments with increased sensitivity/at-risk population.

* Emotional-Somatic Sensuality Intelligence IBasics for Self Exploration + Healing. When I began this work I was already quite experienced in bodymind practice. This work truly blew my mind in ways of profound healing and learning. I have taught this material for a wide variety of genders and sexualities. We work with clothing-on. I have found that trust and ease emerge more readily when presenting this material for groups of:  women+, for queer+, and for men+ people. I encourage all to get in touch with me, to talk about which group may be the most-right fit for you. You will explore a tool box full of practices designed for solo, duo and groups. (All duo and group practices have modified solo versions. Touch contact involves common forms of touch, such as hand to shoulder. You are only asked to work in ways that fit your comfort level.) You will gain a greater understanding of your entire self, as well as your sexuality, sensuality, attraction and desire. You will leave with practices that bring forth vital energy, expanded sensuality, and deep grounding. Prerequisite: I ask that you have taken Bodymind Basics, Trauma Informed, or have equivalent learning before you begin this course. Drop me a line to talk more.

* Ecological Intelligence/All about Interconnection – We explore invisible forms of communication between each other, and between other aspects of nature. We will work with a wide variety of fun and nuanced somatic practices, to FEEL into various forms of verbal and nonverbal communication. This learning relates closely to cognitive science research (“E” cognitive studies), and looks at science studies of plant cognition and single cell cognition. You will leave knowing more about the science of this invisibilia. You will leave feeling more connected to everything around you. You will leave with tingles.

* Sensing + Saying – This course gives you a variety of practices from which to explore how “telling your story” and “feeling your story” are similar and different experiences. Western culture relies heavily and habitually on needing to use verbal communication. This course honors storytelling as a way to connect. Here you will also learn to suspend this style of connecting in order to investigate in your sensation layer. We will investigate similarities and differences between thinking, emotion and physical sensation. You will leave with the ability to articulate how you feel, in terms of sensation. You will find how this layer of being does or does not shift your verbal story. You will gain greater understanding of the correlation between your thoughts, your feelings and the rest of your physicality. You will leave with a toolkit full of mindful, movement and creative practices for a better understanding of yourself, tools to help you thrive, and to find deeper communication with others.

* Emotional-Somatic Intelligence: Communication, Boundaries + Consent in daily life and beyond – for gender queer and women+.
* Emotional-Somatic Intelligence: Communication, Boundaries + Consent Skills in daily life and beyond – for Men+.

* Somatics and Social Activism – Exploring your bodily relationship to enacting oppression, being subject to oppressive moments and social systems, + concrete tools for sustainable community vitality.

* Dance and Other Creative Practice – Creativity + Strength. Here we will work with our bodies “elastic terrain”, finding how to work in a way that expands our flexibility, strenth, and creativity. These are creative, rigorous physical practices for life long vitality.

Some background about where I am coming from in my teaching:

All of these courses are taught from a non-binary, non-reductivist perspective. This learning remains grounded in bodymind work itself – rather than prioritizing one style/name/brand above other practices. My understanding is that this work does not originate in just one culture; I teach from the perspective that this work is has been practiced throughout the world, under the guise of many different names. Detailed nuances in practice exist though the globe.

I continue to look for ways to keep this learning economically accessible, rigorous, structured enough to support clear learning, rooted in interconnection (ecological, rather than individualistic focused), and I am continually working towards decolonialization. If you have notice ways that this praxis can further these goals, please do let me know.

If you are interested in collaboration, give me a holler!