Hi. You can reach me, erinbell, at eenaction – at – gmail – dot – com. Or on facebook. I’m located in Confederated Salish + Kootenai land (Polson, MT, USA) – I live with an immune-compromised person and can only hold sessions online at this time.


How to schedule a session:

1. Decide how much you will pay. Use this sliding scale. Contact me if you have questions.
2. Select an available date, from my schedule. I will see your reservation and I will promptly send you a brief intake form and payment info.
3. You will need to return you intake form and make your payment within 24 hours of my email.

If I receive your form and fee I will send you a final confirmation email and see you at our appointment. If I do not receive your form and fee within 24 hours, your reservation will be cancelled. You are always welcome to try another reservation date in the future.