More on How I Tend to Work

In terms of relational work

I tend to fit well with people who are interested in centering their personal learning-healing-support within the cradle of ecologically minded anti-oppression being. In all my work I aim towards multi-dimensional (non-binary/non-deterministic) thinking and intersectional consideration.

Sometimes I teach awareness practices in relation to nature/environment, sometimes directed in relation to understanding trauma, sometimes directed in relation to oppression. As well, I highlight a few sub topics here which I have spent a lot of time with.

This work is a place to be messy, fumble with language, locate and name difficult terrain within yourself. I find that this mindful-bodily-centered approach is often, extremely impactful in terms of learning-growing-shifting.

* Working with men+ people interested in investigating and unraveling patriarchy from their lives, non-judgementally digging in – in relation to #metoo conversations, working with sexuality, emotional intelligence/communication, learning to sense and become more skilled at listening to your feelings and vulnerabilities, navigating gender and terms like masculine and feminine, and more. You can schedule a session here.

* Working with people who identify as outliers from their culture in any sort of way, including ‘neurodiverse’ people, people who make life choices which might be quite different than societal norms, and more! Identifying with this sub topic myself, I do my best to support you in navigating your life in a way that brings forth calm-vitality in emotional-thought-life experience, as well as in your relationships with the people and creatures around you. You can schedule a session here.

* I work with all sorts of people who are interested in integrating mindful-body-centered practices in-with their sexuality/desire/erotic aspects of self/relationship to ones body. This work can be incredibly healing and/or learning-expansion oriented. I work with all genders and bodies types. Due to the nature of this work and common misconceptions – if you are interested in this subtopic please be aware there is an extensive intake process in order to find out if the work I do matches what you are seeking. You can schedule a session here.


More about my own life experience as it relates to some of these topics can be found in my bio. As well, if you would like a recommendation for a practitioner with a different life experience than mine, I am glad to provide referrals!

In terms what happens in a one-on-one session

I work in bespoke ways. That is, we tailor your sessions to what works for you. What does this mean? It means: I pay close attention to you. I listen to your continually changing, micro-bodily responses such as breath, ‘tone’, energy level, intonation. I also pay attention to your choice of words, your interests in life, what has not worked well for you in the past, and more. I draw from a wide variety of science-research, and lived experience as a practitioner (I have a vast number of ‘tools’ in my practitioner toolkit), as well as utilizing my intuitive and creative senses. I combine all that with what I understand/hear of you.

We start wherever you are. I find that sequencing matters a great deal. I mean ‘sequencing’ in a basic way such as, one often puts on their underwear before their pants. From person to person, what a fitting sequence is varies tremendously. For example, if two people arrive, one as a total beginner to this sort of work, and the other person with practice already under their belt, we are likely to begin and work in very different ways. In a prescriptive medicine way, in a holistic way, together you and I find which step makes the most sense to take, and when.

Together, you and I stay in continuous conversation – we collaboratively find what supports you, what brings forth grounded-vital thoughts-emotions-life experiences for you, as you are right now. If one route to that vitality seems to not work well, we try another. I believe that there are many paths to a similar outcome. We find what path works for you.