Mutual Exchange List o’ Exchanges

Hi. I’m so glad you’re here, exchanging with me. It feed-nourishes me like nobody’s business to know you’re there, here, with me.

Ok… Bookmark this webpage to access this list. I will update it as we go. But, it is not posted on any of the menus from my website so it won’t be easy to find. There is a URL to it in the Exchange Hours form I send you. If, after reading this, you have particular questions, drop me a line. If you feel ‘good to go’, you are welcome to start immediately, if you’d like!

The official start dates are little confusing to talk about, in case it’s not clear just lemme know. So… if you have a session on 7 July, for example, that session will be the same as it has been. The difference comes after that session. Over the following week (from the 7th – 13th July) you will need to put in your 1.25+ hours exchange before our next session on 14 July. If you’d like you could, for example, work ahead and put in 2.5 hours one week and have that cover two sessions.

I created a form, as a way to track your hours – sorta like a payment receipt. But also, it is a way for me to start learning what does and does not help make this practice sustainable. From the July 14th and onward, you will need to send me your Exchange Form (hours/what you got up to) before we meet for our session.

(The exchange I am thinking is that you put in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes a week. That is about an equivalent time exchange for sessions and some office-end time I spend per session. That is why the hours are marked as 1.25+)

This all is in an experiment, so hopefully it works!…


If the list below inspires some other idea, ask me if it might work. The main, main priority, the area I struggle with the most in terms of making this praxis sustainable – is economically. If this praxis is gonna work as it is – with mutual exchange and sliding scale – I need people with money to contribute via the high income session slots and/or through straight donations. On the optimistic side!: out of the entire world with access to wifi, this praxis only to needs to connect with approximately 5 or more people (for weekly sessions) who are in the high income/resource bracket, and 5 people who are in the mid inc/resource bracket to make this work. That feels a pretty doable goal! Oky doky, with that main goal in mind:

* Go wild/creative session – dedicating your creative prowess to imagining out-or-in the box ways to foster this $ goal-direction. (For now, if you chose this task, limit it to 2 sessions worth of exchange.) The current available marketing budget is $0, so… that limits some possibilities :).

* Spreading the word.  This can happen in 7 kazillion different ways. Such as: consider any in-person and/or social media groups, friends, organizations, stores, etc that you are in contact with – especially those that you suspect have money? then consider, is there some way to ‘put in a word’, post on a bulletin board, pass a link in social media, etc to recommend this style of one-on-one support? (I am also able to send you digital flyers. If you want that, let me know.)

Please note, some of this can be done in anonymous ways, and/or in ways that I will never see (like posting a flyer in your grocery store, or verbally spreading the word). In other ‘spreading the word’ ways, I will likely be able to see what you post (such as public posts in social media or google reviews). With that highlighted, I absolutely only want you to ‘spread the word’ in ways that you feel extremely comfortable with.

* In relation to the current sliding scale explanation, the awareness that money is often a touchy subject for many people, and the fact of  intersectional effects from systemic oppression and how that relates to money access/lack – AND – with the reality that I need more people with access to money are needed to make this model work – do you have ideas of different ways I can say all this? Are there ways that I can say what I am trying to say with less words, and/or in  a way that is more inviting/fun/playful sounding?

* Sponsorship/donation Models – Ok, this idea: “Want to support FREE offerings for those without economic access? Buy a session for another, or pitch in a few $s to make FREE resources and one-on-one sessions more sustainable. Write a note of how you want your money spent and 100% of your donation will be spent accordingly. Via Paypal or here.” I’ve tried a few versions of this with no success over the years. Do you have ideas of how to promote this and/or what to call it sort of idea? How/where to post, etc. Is there anyway to make it sound fun?

* If you’re keen with social media – I have various ‘content’ to post. if you can take my words and/or images and make them look nice, formatted properly, have usable links and what not – in insta and facebook land, that would be swell. If so, lemme know and I’ll talk more with you about it. And/or if you know of other, less heinous platforms (*groan*), I am all for those.

* Online, local papers – more word spreading. Many tiny papers, and/or community newsletters, and/or online magazine sometimes have a possibility to post online advertisements for free. However, finding these takes a lot of time. Since this work is online for the forseable future, you could look for such sources anywhere in the world. You could research and send me links to such places – free is key. If payment is required to post, it is not an option at this time. As well, I could send you content/images and you post it in such sources – and/or you write content (just send it to me for an a-okay before you post it). I am also thinking along the lines of craigslist – tho, I don’t actually know anyone who uses craigslist – that sort of idea.

* Do you know anything about SEO or other forms of specific things I can do to make my website more ‘findable’ on the internet? If so, we can talk further.

* Having an fair idea of the sort of way I work (and free links/what-have-yous on my website/youtubes/random fb posts, etc) – do you have an idea of something I could ‘sell’ online; something which does not require much in terms of content development. I don’t know what this might involve/what it could look like but if you like the idea – you could use this as a sort of prompt – to mindstorm what this might be and how it might work in terms of how to attract people, etc etc business what-have-you… I dont know??

* And/or combined with the above or not – Wanna organize/write and/or send out a monthly newsletter? What this could potentially involve: I give you my mailchimp password and you send those lists, etc. Also, after looking through the sorts of  free materials/drawings I already have posted – my idea is that maaaaybe something like a monthly newsletter would include 1 science research bit, 1 exercise, and/or 1 drawing/concept to play with? (I have maaaany more of these sorts of drawing and could easily put them into a ‘clean’ form.) Or… how many/which sorts of offerings should be there. My idea is that free stuff is available on the web but that a tidy version, spoon-fed each month would be waaaay more user-enjoyable.

My colleague Lilly does this montly offering – this is my inspiration. This might be something that is free if you are on the mailing list?? Maybe 1 free thing per monthly letter? Or, how might I arrange my site differently that is like a free/pay$5 sort of option? And, what sort of language should be used in relation to a free/donate button? (Given that no one has, yet, ever sent a paypal or ‘buy me a coffee’ when they have been/are coupled with some of the free offerings – i have the impression that some different encouragement words might help??

* If it’s been a few weeks and you need a break from ‘spreading the word’ tasks – As a secondary priority: I am working on content for a future guide book of sorts. The topic is science research for body-mind practitioners. I could use both ‘read-ability’ feedback, as well – if you have editing skills in the realm of being quite good a catching typos – I could use editing feedback.

* If it’s been a few weeks and you need a break from ‘spreading the word’ tasks – As a secondary priority, I would like to turn the above guide into an online, interactive class. Doing any sort of marketing research about that would be helpful. Specifically, where/how to advertise such a class? How much to charge? etc.

* Do you have business skills of any other sort? If so, lemme know.