Sliding Scale – Fee Info

Sliding Scale
This scale directly relates to your average-estimated annual income (and/or amount of $ you receive from family, government or otherwise).
Which bracket do I fit in?! you might be asking yourself. Use the income comparison info below to determine your spot.

*** Low Fee – $20 – $40/session. 3 spots Possible. Space is currently: AVAILABLE
*** Mid Fee $40 – $90/session. 5 spots Possible. Space is currently: AVAILABLE
*** High Fee $90 – $180/session. 5 spots Possible. Space is currently: AVAILABLE

Use one of the interactive income charts, below.
They help you get a rough gauge of where you fit in relation to your local economy. Please note: this is not about finding a perfect answer. This system is imperfect. 🙂 The idea is that you use this model to find a workable answer.

If you live outside of the US – estimate your local economy. Take a moment to research what low-mid-high income brackets are in your region/country. Decide where you fit within those 3 annual-income tiers. Here are one, two, three articles which might help you.

If you support others (such as kids, elderly), modify your local income accordingly. This calculator adjusts income and family size.

I know this takes effort – Your participation in this sliding scale helps make this work more accessible to those with little access to money. Thank you for being a part of this web of relating!

If you are wondering something like, ‘why isn’t there just a regular price list?!…’, this may help answer that question. If you are ready to set up a session but still don’t have an idea/feel confused how much you should pay, contact me.