Somatic Support

Coronavirus offering: I’m holding space for 2-3 sessions per week – for FREE – for anyone who needs some extra support. First come, first reserved. Email me to arrange: eenaction A – T

If you have economic means, you can donate. Any donations beyond $50 a week will go directly to Direct Relief or Doctors for Camp Closures. Donations can be made via Paypal to

These sessions combine talk, connecting-with-your-body practices and other mindful tools. The aim is resiliency building, healing-growing.

Most people I work with are dealing with depression, trauma, childhood adversity (ACEs), stress, negative thought patterns, and sexuality-related difficulties.

These exercises help with emotional and mental regulation, to feel calm-vital. You learn tools that help you heal + grow. Together we find which tools fits you, exactly as you are, right now.

These practices are grounded in science research and experiential results –  people feel better, more connected to a deep sense of peace.

This learning-healing work is rooted in relationships, interconnection, communities, ecosystems. I believe that systemic oppression maleffects all of us, across generations. Through personal healing/building resiliency we can pour vitality back into the webs of our communities and environments.

Curious? To get a better idea, read what others have said. PUBLIC REVIEWS.
Or drop me a line. Fee info below.
Please note, this support is not psychotherapy.


I offer in-person and online sessions. Sessions are one hour.
I offer free group classes at Never Alone Recovery Hall in Ronan, MT. Contact me for current schedule.

We will determine an exact fee together. To get an estimate, the fee range depends on if you earn low-wage, middle or high-income.
Low wage – $20 – $40/session. Mid $40 – $90/session. High $90 – $180/session.