Somatics + Social Cognition

Somatics is very much about learning to expand one’s ability to feel more, to sense more, to notice more sensations. Sensation-based research, like somatics, has a great deal of cross-over interest with work being done by some neuro and cognitive scientists.

To learn more about this you might read one of these articles:
Sensation + Social Cognition Research
Somatic Dance is Woo. Meditation is Serious – What Warrants Scientific Study and Why
Video Recordings of Sensation-based interviews:
NYC 2017/2018.
Berlin 2019

Or check out these projects from neuro + cognitive science: Neurophenomenology, Nummenmaa Lab, Observatory, Micro-phenomenology, PRISMA l’EXplicitation, Laboratorio de Fenomenologia Corporal. My documentation of SBI interviews can be found HERE. Last, my experience in performance and my somatic praxis in particular, influence this research immensely.

Sensation + Social Cognition Research

Sensation + Social Cognition Research –

Sensation-based Research: Analysis – Stage 1.  Analysis – Stage 2.

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