One-on-One Embodied Support

These sessions combine talk, body-based practices, and other mindful exercises. This work often helps with immediate emotional regulation, mental/cognitive ease, as well as with slow, behavior shifts.

I support your agency, your capacity to change, in one hand. In the other hand, I hold the reality that social-environmental systems impact individuals minds-hearts-bodies. Together we find which tools fit you, in relation to your ecosystem.

This is often a good fit in conjunction with psychotherapy, or for those who have not found talk therapy helpful. Sessions are approximately one hour+.


** If you are ready to SCHEDULE A SESSION, here are the steps **

1. Decide how much you will pay. Use this sliding scale. Contact me if you have questions.
2. Select an available date, from my schedule. I will see your reservation and I will promptly send you a brief intake form and payment info.
3. You will need to return you intake form and make your payment within 24 hours of my email.

If I receive your form and fee I will send you a final confirmation email and see you at our appointment. If I do not receive your form and fee within 24 hours, your reservation will be cancelled. You are always welcome to try another reservation date in the future.


** want to hear a little more? **

Most people I work with are dealing with depression, trauma, childhood adversity (ACEs), chronic stress, negative thought patterns, + sexuality-related difficulties. The intent of this work is to foster your personal resiliency, as as well as to nourish your ability to be in vital relation with others, with nature. There are many types of body-based, mindful and cognitive practices available – we try out different exercises to see which are most fitting to you, in this moment.

The practices I work with are grounded in science research and/or experiential results. Various science articles which relate to the work I do can be found here. Read what others have to say in these PUBLIC REVIEWS.

Curious but want a bit more information? Try here. Check out my FREE bodyscan videos, read about me, or drop me a line.


Your session fee depends on if you earn low, middle or high annual income. Low Fee – $20 – $40/session. Mid Fee $40 – $90/session. High Fee $90 – $180/session. To find the appropriate fee for yourself, see this Sliding Scale chart.

I also save some spots for people with little access to money. You can read more about mutual exchange offerings + temporary-free offerings here.

Confirmation Policy:

If I receive your fee within 24 hours, I will send you a final confirmation email and see you at our appointment! We are all set. If I do not receive your fee within 24 hours, your reservation will be canceled. You are always welcome to make another reservation date.


Once your appointment is confirmed, if you need to cancel or reschedule: if you give less than 24 hours notice, I will return half of your session fee. If you cancel with more notice than 24 hours, I will return your full session fee.



Want to support FREE offerings for those without economic access?

Buy a session for another person or pitch in a few $s to make FREE resources and one-on-one sessions more sustainable. Write a note of how you want your money spent and 100% of your donation will be spent accordingly. Via Paypal.